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Enhancing the employability of at-risk youth to improve their integration into productive employment
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About Us

JobStart Philippines Program

JobStart Philippines is a program of the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) preparing young Filipinos for employment. JobStart does this by providing youth with career coaching, life skills and technical trainings, and internships with employers.

Partnering with the private sector, JobStart helps employers meet their manpower needs with well-prepared, talented, and enthusiastic young men and women. The LGU-based Public Employment Service Office (PESO) implements the program.

Republic Act 10869, also known as the “JobStart Philippines Act” was enacted on 29 June 2016 to institutionalize the implementation of the program nationwide.

Youth Employment Exchange

The Youth Employment Exchange (YEE) is an online tool of the JobStart Philippines Program designed to link the business sector and the Public Employment Service Office (PESO) for virtual engagement and data exchange on technical training and placement of JobStart trainees. Employers may sign-up for free in this website and benefit from the following:

  • Youth employment opportunity information sharing with the PESO
  • Online submission of pledges and training plans
  • Training plan assist page
  • Linkage to TESDA training regulations
  • Online processing of MOA
  • Trainees progress monitoring, fund subsidy processing
  • Streamlined/reduced forms submission

JobStart Beneficiaries

Program objectives

JobStart is designed to develop the youth's skills and discover their potentials as they prepare to enter the world of work. The following are the program's objectives:

  • Enhance the knowledge and skills to help the youth become more responsive to the demands of the labor market.
  • Develop life skills to prepare the youth for their integration in the workplace.
  • Provide a conducive and safe work environment to develop and apply strong work ethics.
Qualifications of a JobStart trainee

Registration is on a first-come first-served basis, providing priority to at-risk youth.

  • Filipino citizen
  • 18-24 years old at the time of registration
  • Have reached at least high school level education (minimum of first year high school for 10-year basic education and Grade 7 for K-to-12)
  • Not in education, in employment, or in training (NEET) at the time of registration
  • No work experience or have leass than one (1) year of accumulated work experience. The 0-12 months of accumulated experience in wage employment includes part-time and full-time work in the formal sector.

Trainees registration

Partner Employers

Qualifications of a partner employer
  • Registered business operating in the surrounding area of a participating PESO
  • Compliant with general labor standards and occupational safety and health standards
  • Capacity to develop a training plan to be undergone by the JobStart trainee in the establishment
  • Capacity to provide, or facilitate the provision of, TVET to JobStart trainees
  • Capacity to arrange for the disbursement of technical training allowance and internship stipend
  • Capacity to provide for up to three (3) months internship with the commitment to pay the internship stipend amounting to at least 75% of the daily minimum wage in the region
  • Capacity to mentor, monitor, and submit monthly reports to PESO on a JobStart trainee’s performance
  • Capacity to hire and willingness to absorb or offer possible regular employment to JobStart graduates

Employers registration

Documentary requirements
  • Company profile
  • Copy of Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) form 2303 or registration from the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), or Cooperative Development Authority (CDA)
  • Letter of undertaking stipulating job opportunities/vacancies
  • Duly accomplished JobStart internship pledge form and proposed Training Plan
  • Copy of DOLE Certificate of Compliance on General Labor Standards (GLS) and Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) Standards or an undertaking to undergo joint assessment to comply with GLS and OSH
Duties and responsibilities of a partner employer
  • Design and implement training plan
  • Enter into contract with JobStart trainees
  • Provide practical training
  • Pay internship stipend
  • Encourage development of personality and professionalism
  • Protect trainees from physical or moral danger
  • Submit monitoring and evaluation reports
  • Submit invoices for reimbursement
  • Notify PESO of a trainee's breach of contract or misconduct prior to its decision to suspend or terminate training

How does JobStart prepare the youth for work?


Career coaching with session on labor market information from traineed career guidance advocates


10-day life skills training program to prepare them for the workplace


Referrals to employers for interviews and placement


Training with employers covering up to 3 months technical training and 2-3 months internship. Employers have flexibility in designing training plans

Benefits of JobStart

  • Career guidance and employment coaching
  • Access to labor market information and public employment services
  • Life skills training
  • Technical training and stipends
  • Workplace experience
  • Certification from DOLE for the completion of the program
  • Hire skilled Trainees
  • Receive subsidies
  • Offer a three-month internship at reduced costs (provide the Trainee a daily stipend of at least 75% of the minimum wage)
  • Exposure to network and linkages among other employers and industries
  • Demonstrate corporate social responsibility

What does JobStart support?

Training grants and allowances
  • JobStart fully funds the 10-day life skills training program and provides the Trainees with a daily allowance of P300.
  • JobStart provides a grant to the partner employer to cover training costs and the Trainee’s daily allowance. This is for the up to three months technical training.
  • JobStart provides a grant to the partner employer of P1,500 per month per Trainee to cover administration costs. This is provided for a maximum of six months duration of the technical training and internship.
  • JobStart pays for the Trainee’s medical clearance before the internship, and accident insurance for 12 months starting from the first day of life skills training.

Program Components

Life Skills Training

  • A 10-day training designed to holistically develop the behavior, attitude and values of JobStart trainees, which as a result will enable them to plan better their career path and deal effectively with the demands and challenges of everyday life and work
  • Trainees receive PhP300 per day

Technical Training

  • Up to three (3) months either in a TESDA-accredited technical vocational institutions (TVIs), with the partner-employer, or with the PESO
  • Trainees receive PhP300 per day


  • Two (2) to three (3) months work experience with a partner-employer
  • Interns receive at least 75% of the minimum wage
  • Partner-employers receive a pro-rated administrative fee amounting to PhP1,500 per JobStart trainee per month (maximum of 6 months)

How does JobStart engage with Employers?

Partnering with the private sector, JobStart helps employers meet their manpower needs with well-prepared, talented, and enthusiastic young men and women.

  1. Employers can register for the program anytime during the year through communication with DOLE or the participating PESO, or at the employers registration page.
  2. JobStart consults with interested employers on requirements and procedures.
  3. After Trainees complete life skills training, they are referred to employers for interview.
  4. Employers advise JobStart on successful applicants accepted for internships in their firms, then submit a training plan.
  5. Employers sign a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) with JobStart at the local PESO.
  6. Trainees undergo technical training with the employer or with a TESDA-accredited institution.
  7. The Partner employer provides the Trainee with a stipend of at least 75% of the applicable minimum wage during the three months of internship.
  8. Upon completion of technical training, Trainees undertake internship with employers.
  9. Partner employers evaluate Trainee’s performance during the internship.

JobStart Quick Stats

JobStart beneficiaries

LST completers

Trainees placed

Partner employers


Hon. Felipe Remollo

Dumaguete City Mayor

We call it self-help. Although we appreciate the initiatives of our National Government, the Asian Development Bank, and the Government of Canada, we feel that it’s our own responsibility to provide jobs for the young. That’s why we want to institutionalize the JobStart program here.

Hon. Noel Rosal

Legazpi City Mayor

The City Government of Legazpi and the Public Employment Service Office is honoured to be a recipient of the JobStart Philippines Program. It takes pride in transforming the Youth to be gainfully employed and to look forward for a decent job.

Hon. Arman Dimaguila

Biñan, City Mayor

During our first batch, 98% graduated, all of them were employed. You increase the employability of citizens, of the constituents. [If] it will [be] needing additional funds coming from the city, we will give it to you. If we can help in asking for additional funding from other companies, or from the National Government, we will assist you in doing so.

Hon. Allan Rellon

Tagum City Mayor

We would like to institutionalize our efforts in helping unemployed young people to be employed. The consolidation of the Public Employment and Education Services Office and the JobStart Program is one of our measures to address the city’s unemployment.